MagicCompact® EquiFlow: 緊湊型換色解決方案

型號:MagicCompact® EquiFlow

Magic Compact 穩定氣流,良好噴塗效果

 Lowest base structure 低底座
 Horizo​​ntal booth floor 噴房底部水平
 Even air flow inside booth 噴房內部氣流穩定
 Automatic floor cleaning 自動噴房底部清潔

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Max. number of guns in horizo​​ntal arrangement with up to 7 gun slots per side 每側最多7個槍槽 Horizo​​ntal base structure incl. 2 flaps 水平地板帶翻板 Visual control of suction channel 抽吸槽可視控制
The new BA04 booth floor: 新型的BA04地面 No movable/breakable parts 沒有可移動/易碎的部件 Stable walk-in floor 可共行走的地面 Simple, easy to clean geometry 易於清理的形狀 Booth floor blowing  粉房地面清吹